Responsive school websites that are compatible on all modern browsers

With more and more students, parents and staff accessing websites on the go, a responsive school website design is fast becoming a necessity in today’s online climate.

Responsive website design is a fluid website framework that adapts your school website to fit any screen size. This enables a faster and smoother user experience on any device, including tablets and smartphones.


We Consult

From schools to universities, we work with you all steps on  the way. We sit with you, analyze your needs and how to best achieve the intended effect of your website.

We Design & Develop

Based on the consultation, we design and develop your website filling you in and getting feedback throughout the whole process. We provide the first hosting year for free.

We Support

One of our best services is our support. We do not just design and leave. We stay with you till the end. We provide technical support and train faculty as well.


Every day more and more people are turning to mobile devices to consume content. With a huge variety of smartphones and tablets on the market, delivering your content effectively has never been so important.

With responsive design we can deliver an optimised performance and navigation that work together harmoniously to ensure a seamless experience on every device. Built in house, our robust responsive framework is flexible, fully tested and unrivalled in the education sector.



Our Process

Each project starts with a simple question: what makes your school or academy unique? From there, we perform a stakeholder analysis and a consultation to determine your target audience and key aims and objectives. Working collaboratively, our experienced team will then bring all of this together, turning your ideas into realities.

Our process has been perfected and refined over more than a decade and the result is an experience that continues long after your school website goes live.

Modern Technology

With the Internet changing so fast, we keep on top of the latest innovations and trends so you don’t have to. Our websites adhere to modern coding principles and practices. And we use the latest equipment to build and test your website.

The result – a website that is lightning fast, compatible on all modern browsers and accessible on the latest devices, maximising your investment in a long lasting and effective web presence.


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