Eductechalogy applies dedication and years of experience to help you plan and implement an effective technology enhanced learning strategy.

consultWe provide the full range of consultancy services and support to assist in the delivery of projects with our supported open source platforms.

understandOur technology enhanced learning development team will never start a project without the full understanding of your goals and objectives, meaning their full focus is on developing a winning learning environment for you.

flexibleSucceeding in today’s environment requires people who learn quickly and flexibly to support their organisational and personal goals. With budgets reducing and demand for effective technology enhanced learning increasing, it’s essential to implement a cost-effective learning strategy that just works.

Wherever you are in the implementation of your learning strategy we can help.



It all starts with deeply understanding your special learning needs. We sit with you, understand your needs, and prepare for the analysis phase.



We dig deep into your institutional (or personal) ecology, analyzing the environment from the micro and macro stances to help us draft a strategy to help you effectively enahnce learning.

Design & Develop


With your feedback every step of the way  and our analysis at the forefront we go into the design and development stage of your desired learning environment.

Implement & Iterate


The implementation stage goes hand in hand with rapid feedback of the desired results, and based on those feedback we reiterate and tweak the implementation. We stay with you all the way with your top notch support.

We focus on flexibility, diffusion of innovations, and pedagogical models in our endeavors to make the world a better place through the thoughtful use of technology in learning and education.

We chose the term “Technology Enhanced Learning” , instead of edtech, elearning etc., for our services to depict our beliefs in integrating technology for learning:  learner empowerment,  enhancement and achievement.

Optimal Learner Achievement with our 360 TEL Services

Results-oriented, innovative approach, & supreme support.

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