04 Aug

Take Our School Administrator’s Technology Leadership Self-Assessment Survey

We have developed the free School Administrator’s Technology Leadership Self-Assessment survey as a unique and impartial survey that reflects the specific goals and standards presented in the National Educational Technology Standards for School Administrators and the National Educational Technology Plan. School administrators should use it to better determine their technology use and preparedness for implementation in their schools and districts.

This is self-scoring survey for the respondents to complete. School administrators who rate themselves and their schools or districts with scores of 5 and 4 are already meeting the standards indicated in those items.

Ratings of 1 or 2 would indicate areas of needed professional growth by either the school/district, or the school leader, or both in order to meet the NETS.A standards or NETP goals.

This instrument is a useful pre-assessment tool for instructors or professional development facilitators. Low ratings would indicate areas where additional attention is needed. For example, if graduate students or workshop participants indicate that either they or their schools do not use electronic portfolios of student work effectively, then they will want to explore additional resources and professional development on that topic. You can fill out the survey individually or you can sit with school administrators and decide on one rating.

There are 6 areas for self-assessment:

  • Technology Planning
  • Leading Instruction with New Technologies
  • Teacher Supervision and Professional Development
  • The Technology Infrastructure
  • Systemic Change with Personnel and Partnerships in Technology
  • Legal and Social Issues in Technology

    There are 6 questions in this survey.

Ready to take the survey? Click here.

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