30 Jul

Collaborate Better by Assigning a Task in Google Docs


2017-07-30_13-41-04We all love Google Docs comment feature. It helps teachers, students, and administrators to communicate well whilst collaborating on a shared document. But if one needs to hold someone accountable on completing a section in that document (also applies to Slides and Spreadsheets) on follow up on that task, comments do not do a good job. This is why a new feature on Google Docs comment is to assign a task to your collaborator. Watch the video below to find out more.








Assigning a task feature can be used with teachers giving formative feedback for a group of students working on an assignment, team leader assigning a task to his member, subject senior teacher assigning tasks to his teachers, school principal assigning task to his deputy principal working on a report, school administrator assigning a task to his colleague in writing a long memo.

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